Regergitating the past

I almost threw up last night. Just thought you needed to know. I tell you because it's somewhat significant: I only puke about once a decade.

Last time: 1995. I was in college. It was a Wednesday night. Went bowling at Western Bowl and decided to get a couple orders of Nachos. I had an indoor soccer game, then afterward stopped off at Frisch's for a hot fudge cake. About 1:30 in the morning I was worshipping the porcelain gods at a toilet in the dorm.

Time before that: 1981. I was in the first grade. It was a weeknight. Ironically, my teacher that year was Mrs Barth [I couldn't make stuff like that up]. I don't think I had even had the chicken pox yet. I was lying on our living room couch, not feeling too well because I was running a fever. I hadn't eaten anything but soup, so there wasn't too much damage done. The good news was that hurling was an automatic no school for the next day. I'm sure I upchucked a lot more before 1981, but since then it's only been those two times.

That's why I seriously thought Friday night was it. But my lack of vomiting experience might have hurt me in the long run. At what should've been the moment of truth, I came up zeroes. I camped out by the toilet for half an hour and then fell back asleep in the hallway.

Anyway, I'm on a once a decade schedule here. So far I'm halfway through this one and I have yet to produce. I'd start a betting pool if I were you; I have this strange feeling about October 2007.

Wonder how I'd do on Fear Factor?