Poor Little Critter

I used to think Canadian geese were majestic creatures. Then I moved to Mason. I've never seen a bird that struts around like it's better than you. For the past two days this goose has been perched at the top of our driveway overhang in the front of the church. And then about every half-hour he calls out. I would so like shoot at the sucker. I don't necessarily want to kill him, but I swear he's mocking me. He's looking at me right now. Shut-up goose!

Last night Kelly told me about this website they showed on NBC Nightly News earlier this week. Apparently this college kid [who's wisely keeping his identity a secret] found a rabbit underneath his front porch that was injured and he nursed it back to health. While he likes the little bunny, he claims that unless he receives $50,000 by June 30th, he's going to eat the rabbit, whom he's named Toby. It's all on this website: Save Toby. Included are pictures of little Toby, rabbit recipes and some of the hate-mail he's received from PETA members [what's interesting is they're trying to take care of it through legal circles, but there's nothing they can do. It's not illegal to eat a bunny]. Beware if you check out the hate-mail because the language is pretty hardcore.

I know it sounds cruel but it's a brilliant. You know the guy's not going to actually kill the bunny, so why not use the animal to make a little cash. I mean, what else can you do with a bunny rabbit? It looks like he ripped off the idea from a European website. And it's working. Through sales of t-shirts, mugs, and straight-up donations, he's raised almost $25,000. I'm just jealous I didn't think of it first.

Maybe a can develop a "Save The Stupid Goose From Steve Shooting It" website. But who would want to save a Canadian goose anyway? I hate you goose.