I Need Your Help

I have a social experiment I want to conduct.

I'm the webmaster of our church's website. Recently I've been accessing the stats on pages views, to see where people go when they come to the website. Just for fun, we checked out the staff bios that people check out. Here is the ranking of the ministers:

1. Tom Moll [obviously, he's the man]
2. Troy Clark
3. Mary Jane Burgess
4. Nate Grella [the newbie minister]
5. Howard Pauley
6. Me
7. Max Boothby
8. David Lautzenheiser
9. Mike Allen

Sixth place, people! Sixth place in a nine man race! That's just not acceptable. So here's the deal: there's no way I'm going to surpass the hits that Tom gets [everyone wants to know about the preacher], but second place is definitely attainable. Go to the staff page on our church's website [http://www.ccmason.org/staff.htm] and click on my bio on the page. Do it once or twice a day for the next couple of days. I'm betting if all of you reading this just went and did it, I'd be right behind the boss in no time.

Some of you might think this is the stupidest request in the world but hey, even the newbie is getting more hits than me. I just want to see what effect me posting this on my blog has on my hit counter. And I know some of you will feel guilty about poor little Mike Allen being in last place, so go ahead and click his bio too. Just don't do me wrong here. He can grovel for his own support on his blog.
I'm going the distance! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Remember the Titans! Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Peace in the Middle East.