Can I get a refill?

Some of you remember a post I did a few months ago [February 21st to be exact] about my fountain Diet Coke obsession. I'd like to make an addendum to my list of best places to get a good DC fountain beverage. Allow me to introduce the Marathon Gas Station at the intersection of Route 42 and Snider Road in Mason. I was tipped off about it by some people in one of my Sunday School classes. They have Diet Coke and Cherry Coke on tap [mixed perfectly, they form a lethal combination] PLUS the small ice cubes that you find at Frisch's. Oh, it's just about perfect. I see only two draw backs: 1) Location. It's nowhere near the paths that I ususally traverse, so I have to make a special trip. 2) Styrofoam cups. I've never really liked styrofoam cups. There's something unnatural about it. Yes, it'll keep your beverage cold, a definite bonus. But if I accidentally scratch the cup with your finger nail, it's likely that I'll have goosebumps for five minutes afterward.

So give me a plastic up and relocate the place to Mason Montgomery Road and it'd be heavenly. I give it an eight on a one-to-ten scale. The place is right next to the post office there, so maybe I'll offer to make some mail runs in the near future. Me loves the Diet Coke.