What the Bleep?

Just to let you know, they had some problems with Blogger yesterday so I was unable to post. Maybe someday I'll stop being cheap and bust out from under the Blogger umbrella. But it serves me well enough for now.

Tuesdays are my day off, which is also the day they release new movies to DVD. So it's sorta become a ritual for me to head on down to Hollywood Video and pick up some flicks that I can hold on to until Sunday. It was slim pickins aesthete[Can you say Fat Albert?], so I picked up some movies that have been out a few weeks that we missed while we were out of the country.

I finally rented the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? I had heard some buzz about it. It didn't do too well in the theaters, but it has been developing underground cult status since its recent release to DVD. I found the format of the movie to be somewhat riveting as it cuts in and out between the storyline, testimonials from experts and rather interesting CGI graphics. What The Bleep attempts to answer question, "What is the meaning of life?" beginning the dialogue with quantum physics and ending in some sort of new age/scientific mumbo-jumbo.

The film begins with basic quantum physics and questioning what reality really is. It then leads into a discussion concerning the power of our minds to affect what we think reality is. Finally, we are told that it is we who play the role of God in this world- that there is no good or evil; it's up to us to determine right and wrong [by the way, I think it was CS Lewis who wrote that everyone's a relativist until you touch what's theirs]. Yeah, pretty interesting stuff. The movie falls short of what it claims to accomplish, answering no questions, while offering pie-in-the-sky theories and additional deep questions.

I do, however, think this is a movie that Christians need to see. I can see lost people flocking to this film to help them figure their lives out. This movie is a perfect hybrid of modern science and postmodern philosophy, giving it a broad base of appeal. The storyline will most likely resonate among those seeking ways to fulfill the spiritual longing in their lives.

After watching the film yesterday afternoon, I had Kelly watch it with me last night. Chances are, I'll try to watch it one more time before I return it to make sure I'm getting the jist of what they're trying to say. And apparently there's bonus material on the flip side of the DVD that I haven't gotten to yet.

I'd be interested to hear what those who have seen the movie think about it. More can be found at the movie's website: www.whatthebleep.com