Bearcat Lament

In a week where everything was going my way, I wanted the cherry to top the sundae. Who am I kidding? I wanted the New York strip steak to top that thing off. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. UC was beat by UK. Or actually, if you watched the game, UC lost the game as opposed to getting beat.

Now I know this comes off as sour grapes, but if you really watched the game, you can attest to the fact that statistically Kentucky did everything they needed to do to win a game and still Cincinnati was in a position to win. I think with like 8 minutes left it was only a three point game. After shooting over 50% in the first half, the Bearcats ended up shooting something like 32%. Do that math and you'll see that they just fell off the face of the earth. They had all the tools they needed to dominate in the paint and they never got the ball down low. All I can say is there'll be a ton of UC fans this morning calling for a jihad on Jihad.

As for how things went last night, Kelly was wise enough to invite another couple to come watch the game with us [thanks Paul and Carol]. At first I thought that was a bad idea, but it was rather brilliant. I swear I decided I would be a passive fan at the beginning of the game, but after those first few minutes of bad calls and poor defense, I was yelling at the TV. I was up and down yelling for almost two hours straight. I was giving it the effort I would have if I was in Indianapolis at the game. All to no avail. I don't think Bob Huggins heard any of the advice I was yelling at him through our 32 inch Sony television.

And how are things at the homestead? To my wife's credit, she's been a gracious and compassionate victor. I'm sure that'll end sometime this afternoon. But if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd be rubbing in a UC victory over UK until the apocalypse.

Oh, and with Wake Forest losing last night my bracket has officially imploded, so it's time to move on. So it's on to baseball and the Reds who have a revamped pitching staff that should keep us competitive. Then Masters is in a couple weeks; watching golf at August is awesome. And then Ohio State should have a good team back this fall. The Bengals finally signed Rudy and looked primed for a run. And then UC has everyone but Maxiell back and has some good recruits on tap.

I don't know what I'll do to take my mind off this devastation, though. Yes, Chicken Little, the sky has fallen.