Top Ten Movies I Haven't Seen

I subscribe to these e-newsletters that tell when a website's been updated and what new articles are there. Most of them are ministry oriented. While reading one this morning I ended up at the site of a church in North Carolina. What caught my eye was their current sermon series: It's A Guy Thing. Isn't it interesting that for years churches were obsessed with getting women involved while now there's a drought of men? Even more interesting than the series is the title of this week's sermon: Why We Like The Godfather. Interesting. Never though about preaching about that.

I watched the Godfather for the first time a few months ago. I'm way into guy movies, but since the movie was released three years before I was born, I never really felt the need to see it. Finally, after hearing so many quotes and talking about horse heads in people's beds, I decided I should watch it. Not to be blasphemous here, but I found it painfully slow to follow. I'm sure it was groundbreaking thirty years ago, but I'd rather go for Braveheart any day of the week instead of that.

So I'll end this post with a list of top ten movies I really need to see that I haven't seen yet but have been afraid to tell people that I haven't seen:

10. Reservoir Dogs [saw the first 30 minutes]
9. Enter The Dragon
8. Raging Bull
7. Slapshot
6. Ben Hur
5. Scarface [every rapper on MTV Cribs says it's awesome]
4. Citizen Kane
3. Fletch
2. Psycho
1. Animal House