Cracking The Top 25

Time magazine released their list of the 25 Most Influential Evangelical Christians in America. Just a few thoughts that hit me about this list:

1) The number of people on the list that were political. Almost half the people on the list had something to do with national politics. I guess that's what makes them influential, but are Christians ignoring the influential power of the gospel for power found within political realms?

2) The number of people on the list that I didn't know. I like to think that I'm pretty familiar with what's happening in Christendom. Apparently I don't. That Dave Barton guy [third picture on their list] came to our church a few months ago. I ran the sound system as he spoke. Wasn't wearing a cowboy hat when I saw him, though.

3) The fact that I didn't make the list. I don't know if I'm not influential enough or not an evangelical Christian. Maybe I would've helped my cause if I had a subscription to Time Magazine [used to have a subscription to Sports Illustrated]. I'll check with the editor of Time and see if it was an oversight.