I Declare [Email] Bankruptcy

Finally getting finished with all our web changes. My friend Brian has been a huge help to us (and our church), giving us constant attention throughout the changeover to new servers. He is my go-to guy on all tech needs. The final key was switching over email. The new server was spammed constantly, so much so that I was dreaming of Viagra ads. We finally changed over to a Gmail set-up, so I've spent the evening getting organized. I imported all my previous emails into my new account on Mac Mail and deleted my old accounts. I should have thought this out better. Dragging the emails into the new account merely copied them. When I finally deleted the accounts, the emails were gone as well. Fortunately, I've been backing up my hard drive, but I haven't done so since December 1st.

In short, if I haven't responded to you, I might not be ignoring you. Email me again and, if I don't respond, then I probably was.