Five Years Down

Today is the fifth anniversary of my blog. Huzzah for our team. Of course, with the lack of my blogging this year, you could begin to question whether or not this blog is still functional. By far, this past year has been my most anemic when it comes to posting frequency. In determining why this happened, I have recognized that the problem isn't with blogging itself.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I believe blogging has made me a better writer. Sure anyone can leave a quick Facebook status update, but it takes a little more discipline to work out thoughts in multiple paragraphs. Plus, I appreciate that I can interact with the people throughout my life, a blessing I experience as the result of having this website.

So what has led to my blogging slow-down (other than the fact that we've had a rather hectic 2009)? Honestly, it was the blog itself.

Switching over to Wordpress to manage the House of Carr has been a great move. But what this change-over did was open up numerous design possibilities— and there ain't nothing I enjoy more than dabbling into good design. I find my current blog layout aesthetically pleasing; it's unique and eye-opening. But the look comes with a price: for every post I write, I have to find a corresponding image (preferably a free rights image, so I can sleep at night), and then I have to edit that image to fit within the layout of this blog. This task takes anywhere between ten and fifteen minutes. Add that time to the time that it takes to write a post, and it just wasn't worth it.

Since I started using this layout for my blog I've left many-a-blogable idea along the wayside because it would take too much time. And this has finally become unacceptable; I know I can commit endless time to design, but that's not the point of this blog. So I've decided to make yet another change and scrub this layout for a more streamlined look. I'm ignoring style for substance. So starting with my next post, you'll see a new look and a new functionality. And, hopefully, you'll also witness a resurgence in my posting.

That said, you're going to have to make some changes if you're a regular reader via RSS feed. I'm using this as an opportunity to switch the blog onto it's own server, so you'll have to add a feed specifically to You'll still be able to reach my site by that url (as well as the time tested but you'll lose the feed if you don't update it.

So here's to five years and that sacrificing design will enable me to keep on blogging for another five years. Thanks for reading my stuff.