Walking Away

Never fear— I still walk in the land of the living.

I really think this is the longest that the blog has gone silent since our trip to Israel in 2005. I'm still adjusting to my new schedule and, when choosing between time with the family or time pontificating, I choose not to write. I'm also teaching a new class [new to me] which means there's much more preparation work required. Combined with everything else on my plate, it makes for a "no Steve on the web" cocktail that accompanies the meal perfectly— tastes somewhat bitter going down but it has just the right amount of calories.

Understand that I am not abandoning the blog. I'm just trying to get through the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I have a ton of interesting things I want to write about and not the time to get them out.

I thought I would use this occasion as an opportunity to unleash a major announcement on y'all. It's yet another transition in my life, but one I think we'll embrace.


I hereby announce my retirement from fantasy sports.

When I started my fantasy career in 2000, I played fantasy baseball and actually won that first league. My team name was Manchester United, an ode to my love of the Red Devils, and an intention insult towards those who bash soccer [I've used that name throughout various seasons]. That fall, I played my first season of fantasy football. Sometime between then and now, I actually participated in a fantasy basketball league, but I never understood the point. I always preferred fantasy baseball, because there was a little more skill attached to it [a point I have made over and over again]. I consistently made the play-offs in most leagues I participated. My worst season was the year we planted Echo. Overall, I won about four baseball titles and one football title. Once the baseball season ends, I'm hanging up my . . . mouse . . . keyboard . . . whatever you hang up.

I can't express just what brought me to this position. Perhaps it's the constant Facebook posts by people talking about their drafts. Maybe it's the scene I witnessed at BW's a couple of weeks ago of people gathered around tables with laptops and video projectors to make their selections. Even worse was a table full of twenty-something women doing their draft. I'm really not a misogynist, but there was something wrong with it. It felt like the ladies were doing the fantasy football thing so they could brag to guys that they're in a fantasy football league.

Ultimately, I've just reached the point where it's no longer fun; I still love the sports, but I'm tired of the fantasy aspect to it. I've engaged in some ridiculous arguments with grown men in the past few years about the ethics of imaginary teams. I enjoyed it for a long time, but it's time to move on.

Don't worry about me going Brett Favre on all you, entering back into the fray next year. I'm going to appreciate keeping up with sports without having to worry about certain stats. I'll no longer face the dilemma of watching my home team while secretly hoping their opponent thrives to help me win that week's game. Plus, Kelly won't have to listen to me complain/boast on Sunday night anymore about how my team performed.

It's been real. It's been fun. I'm done.