11 June

A collection of links, personal tales, and such:

  • Attention Facebookers and Twits [or whatever they call those who use Twitter]. This article is probably talking about you.
  • A lady who was late to the airport and missed being on board the doomed Air France from Brazil was killed the next week in a car accident. <insert your own observation as neccessary>
  • I am all over Manchester Orchestra right now, and not because the band name sounds like Manchester United. Speaking of international football, Real Madrid is spending like they won the Powerball.
  • According to a blog I frequent, the way I preach at Echo would not be acceptable in a Catholic Mass. To be fair, I'm sure the whole "me not being Catholic" wouldn't be acceptible there either. I understand the objection that you don't want to make worship service into a classroom but, to many people, learning more about God IS an act of worship. And it's hard for me to imagine the downside to getting people to know more about the Bible.
  • Kelly's iBook decided to die this week. Logic board failure. I was stoked because, even though it was a brick, I was get it to boot up by shoving some quarters under the keyboard. I . . . AM . . . McGRUBER!
  • I'm focused this summer on fixing up our condo. Since the housing bubble has burst, we've decided that we'll be in our place for longer than we originally imagined. So since we're here, we have to fix up the cheap paint job on our joint. We'll just slap up the same color, but use a better brand of paint. We're just getting started and Kaelyn already likes the concept of spackling.
  • Additionally, we're finally committed to filling the empty wall space. I designed some art pieces that we were able to print out online onto canvases. I made three pieces to hang on our tall wall between our two lower floors. I took some pictures of local landmarks and made them look "artsy." They turned out really well and I finally hung them this afternoon using a ladder on our kitchen table. Stop by if you want to see them sometime, or you can check them out here.
  • In a related note, the fact that $75,000 was spent to develop a new logo for our city is ridiculous. Fortunately tax-payer money was not spent on the project, but this is still absurd. If they were smart, they would've made it a contest and given a $1,000 prize to the winner. In today's world, you shouldn't have to pay that much for something so lack-luster.
  • And speaking of design, my friend and tech advisor Brian got all my new web domains set up so now I can start knocking out some of my website designing.
  • The advantages to having a DVR and cable stations you rarely watch? MTV2 is showing episodes of The State at 2am.
  • Best commercial song right now: the group in a cab singing Biz Markie. "Oh baby you . . . " [I had no idea it was Heineken commercial. Again, when I pay no attention to your product placement, how effective is it?]
  • I have a lot of pots on the fire right now. It's very . . . interesting.

More later.