27 May

'Bout time for an update. I thought I was up for some more frequent blogging, but a vacation got in the way.

Yeah, we were on vacation last week and didn't blog/Facebook/Twitter about it. I don't want people knowing what I'm doing all the time anyway. Kelly posted a synopsis of our getaway here. Much thanks to my in-laws who watched Kaelyn while we were gone so we could celebrate our 10th anniversary [um, one year late].

I do have some more posts in the queue but, because I'm catching up from the short week, it'll take me a couple of days to get them out. Until then, chew on this:

1. Want to learn a little something about my neighborhood? Join me this weekend for a preview tour of Architreks in Walnut Hills. I've been a tour guide for Architreks for three years now and was thrilled when they said they were interested in doing a tour here. Find out all the information over at Dan's blog.

2. My summer to-do list is growing. Unfortunately, I have a lot of computer work to do, including the design and redesign of four websites. Oddly enough, I'm sorta excited about it.

3. Jade Kendall preached for me this weekend, becoming the first person outside of Echo to speak at our church. I love Jade and his ministry, as they're dedicated to my dad's old neighborhood. He's also teaching an urban ministry class this week at CCU. I'm meeting them in Walnut Hills tomorrow so they can observe our neighborhood. The class is eating at the local soup kitchen and then walking over to the church building where I'll tell them about our ministry. I'm really looking forward to it.

4. A couple of Sundays ago, we said bye to Tye. Tye VonAllmen has led worship at Echo since a few months after we started up. He's now on staff [along with his wife] up the street at Crossroads Church in Oakley. Since his schedule is now so packed, he's stepped down as our regular guy. Fortunately, Tye'll be back every once in awhile to fill in for us. In addition to their weekend appearances at Crossroads, you can always catch Tye and Andrea playing around town.

5. Random thought: the movie Drag Me To Hell looks like the absolute dumbest plot for a horror movie ever. Loan officer who refuses mortgage extension is cursed by witch? Sadly, it will gross millions this weekend.

6. Picked up my diploma at Xavier yesterday. I'm now officially finished there. I'm still trying to figure out how to get those ridiculous parking passes of my windshield.

7. How 'bout those Reds? This could be a very fun summer. Even though I could tell you all about their play this year I have yet to see a game in person. Even though it's only a half-hour walk to the stadium, I enjoy being able to watch the game on TV while getting some work done.

8. Keeping with the sports theme, how hilarious will it be when Denver and Orlando play each other in the NBA Finals? Not exactly the Kobe-Lebron final that everyone wanted.

9. One last sports comment, I was thoroughly disappointed that Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the Champion's League Final this afternoon. Even when they were down two goals with ten minutes left I thought they could win it [they did it in '99].

10. Today was Kaelyn/Daddy day in the Carr house. It's usually a wonderful time of daddy and daughter bonding. Unfortunately, today Kaelyn cut her own hair with her new kiddie scissors, face planted into the sidewalk roughing up her chin, and fell getting out of the Explorer hitting face first into the grass. And somehow, she was absolutely wonderful all day. These are the days I'm glad that she won't remember anything that happens before her fifth birthday.