Livebloggin' the Grammys

What to do on a Sunday night where you're physically exhausted?

Live blog the Grammys of course.

Fortunately, we have the DVR, so I can go all the way through while skipping through the commercials [although I'm not sure if watching on delay allows me to label this as "live" blogging]. Let 'er rip.

1. Opening up with the new U2 song. Love the sound, will buy the CD, not sure about Bono's choreography, however. It starting to look more and more like he needs John Madden's [BOOM] tough actin' Tinactin.

2. I thought Bono was joking about Whitney Houston when he finished his song. He was actually introducing her. I'm not sure I give her a live microphone at K-Mart, let alone at the Grammy's. I keep hearing the Mad TV parody in my head of Whitney shouting, "Bobby!"

3. Glad that Jennifer Hudson is getting her life back on track. But you can't miss the obvious: her dress looks like she went to the dentist and forgot to take off her bib.

4. Remember when Boyz 2 Men were on top of the world? Now they're relegated to back up singer status. Wait a minute: Whitney Houston to Bobby Brown to Boyz 2 Men. What are we missing? Some Bell Biv Devoe!

5. Loves me some Hova with my Coldplay. When Jay-Z comes back wearin' the FOUR-FIVE, it ain't to play games with you. I will admit that I'm tiring of Coldplay right now. Feels like they've played this album live in every conceivable venue.

6. With Carrie Underwood we're thirty minutes in and two American Idol contestants. Wondering how high this total will go. Praying for a Sanjaya appearance.

7. Keeping everyone in the loop: Sheryl Crow is now a country music singer. I think Kid Rock is too . . . and George Jones is pissed. Speaking of Kid Rock, I need to know who's buying his albums. Full disclosure: I loved Bawitdaba, but he was a rapper then. Just like I'm not going to pay to Michael Phelps run, I'm not going to recognize Kid (nor Kanye West for that matter) as a legitimate singer. And now, listening to Miley Cyrus, I'm thinking she needs to added to that list. Going head-to-head with Taylor Swift was not a great idea. NOTE: the coolest thing about this previous paragraph is the "Bawitdaba" is actually in the Wordpress Spell Check.

8. So Robert Plant doesn't want a Led Zepplin reunion but he'll sing country music? I'm loosing my mind.

9. Admit it: the way the Jonas brothers were standing around Stevie Wonder, you were hoping they'd drop, "Jammin' on the One."

10. Metallica and Coldplay in the same Rock category? Considering neither James Hetfield nor Lars Ulrich showed up, I think they knew the inevitable.

11. Why does watching Katy Perry make me feel embarrassed for her? Her performance looked like they gave a twelve-year old girl four minutes to run around a stage. Kelly and I are still thoroughly confused by her obsession with fruit.

12. Kenny Chesney = Fastforward DVR.

13. I have a new dream: that my very pregnant wife will be able to rap with TI, Kanye, Lil' Wayne and Hova while wearing a polka-dot bikini type thing like M-I-A. It's tough to look thug when you look like a cartoon character.

14. I LOVE THE FOO!!!! Still confused: who was that old dude singing the Beatles tunes?

15. The live feed didn't appreciate John Mayer winning the award. I cannot disagree.

16. Love it when the recording academy dude comes out and talks. In the midst of so many cool people, his appearance is definitely the "one of these people is doing their own thing" moment. Using "Yes We Can" throughout his speech probably seemed like a good idea, but it was just out-of-touch awkward. And I love that he thinks he can give a serious speech asking for political concessions from the President immediately after TI just got bleeped for his potty mouth.

17. Neil Diamond, on the other hand, still incredibly relevant . . . creepy, but relevant. I'm stoked that they mic'd the audience because you could hear the "BA! BA! BAH!"

18. Justin Timberlake > Robin Thicke

19. This letter left over from the Super Bowl commercial they just ran:

Dear Pepsi,

Seriously, no matter how bad his current live show is, Bob Dylan will never be's equal.

Sincerely, Steve

20. Sad: I fastforwarded through Robert Plant [w/Allison Kraus]. And they won album of the year? This leads me to believe that my grandmother has yet to relinquish her Grammy vote.

Stevie Wonder plays us off. We finally caught up to the broadcast at the very end, meaning that we were able to watch the program commerical free and finish before midnight. Overall, nice show. No matter how bad parts are, I always enjoy the Grammys. Now the real contest: will Neil Diamond make the top ten of downloaded songs on iTunes tomorrow?