I'm Just Not That Into It

So I've been struggling to write on the blog lately. Almost two weeks since my last post. While there's no one reason for my silence, I think I recognize the issues surrounding my sloth.

First, I've been pretty busy. Teaching is a blast, but it consumes more time than I imagined. Currently, I'm teaching my fifth course for my alma mater and it's been a new topic every time. These are accelerated courses, which meet weekly for four hours a night over five weeks. So since August I've had to prepare for 100 hours of lecture time. And since I'm one of those people who try to have visuals to go with my teaching, I prepare PowerPoint [well, actually Mac's Keynote] to accompany all of those lectures. And that's not even mentioning grading papers. Fortunately, the rest of the classes I'll teach this semester are ones I've already taught, so some relief is in sight. Combine this with family life and my "day job" and time from writing is pretty scarce.

Second, sticking with this issue, teaching allows me an outlet with which to express my ideas. That's one of the things this blog has awarded me. I enjoy flexing my creative abilities here, but it takes some work. I want to be thorough, thoughtful, and (if I'm trying to be funny) hilarious. When I'm already doing this for class, writing a blog post seems like a chore. And I refuse to make this a chore. So if it feels like too much work. I'm gonna let the blog posting slide to the wayside.

Third, I want to keep this blog diversified. While I love to keep everyone up-to-date on the minutiae that is my life, I also want to express deeper thoughts. I think I could keep more content coming if I just wrote about me but [I swear] I'm not THAT conceited. So if I can't write stuff that's worth reading, then I'm probably not going to write at all.

So there it is: there's not as much going on here write now. I appreciate you taking the time to check in and apologize that I'm in a bit of a writing funk. I promise I'll work my way out of it.