A Year of Kaelyn

I know I'll be smarting from UC's Orange Bowl loss for weeks to come. So since I'm feeling down, I need a pick me up and figure now would be a good time to reveal my project from last year.

Starting a year ago, I decided I would take a picture of Kaelyn for everyday of 2008. I started off pretty strong . . .

. . . I missed my first day in the first week of January.

After I realized that there was no way I'd have the discipline to take these pictures every single day, I just kept the camera handy so I could get as many as I could; I decided that even if I wasn't totally consistent, it would still give me a great overview of how Kaelyn grew over the year. I'm extremely glad I did it, as there are some great stories behind the pictures. One day, Kaelyn might really appreciate it.

I really tailed off near the end of the year, but took her picture on 265 days of '08. I threw them together in a video, added some tunes. I like result. She's a photogenic kid.

Because I added music that Youtube doesn't like, the one there had the tunes I picked out removed from it. If you have Quicktime downloaded on your computer, you can enjoy the full experience as intended here. Otherwise, enjoy the safe-for-Youtube, cheezy public-domain music background here.

I know the New Year already started, but this might be a project some of you might want to try. I'm sure many of you would do much better in sticking with it.