A Haiku'd Birthday

I had the best birthday today, as my day was constantly interrupted by others’ creativity. My haiku challenge was accepted by almost forty different people and they did not disappoint. The response was so good, I decided to award multiple awards.

THIRD PLACE: Carlton Farmer Man cries out his name The Earth calmly whispers back I know who you are

This one is just frickin’ cool. Good work, Carlton

SECOND PLACE: Melissa Hill I have written five haiku. Which one will I post on your day of birth?

(Answer: All of them. No, they don't all fit together. I'm not that bored. But they are all classical 5-7-5 because I'm a nerd. This is what happens when I take the day off work and am unable to sleep in.) I can count sylla- bles on my fingers. Are you impressed? You should be...  Read More.

Haiku are simple, but I like a challenge. So, next year: villanelles.

Your birthday is my parents' anniversary. Isn't that special?

Sunday night, Diet Coke in hand. Talking... talking. "Is it Monday yet?"

Thirty-three. Wow. Yikes. Be careful with your new Wii; you might break a hip.

Melissa doesn’t earn second place because of mere volume. No, she took the prize because of the Diet Coke comment. This is how I preach and I never really thought about it much before. Great observation.

FIRST PLACE: Kelly Carr Aren’t you so fancy To think of this little game? Here, I’ll humor you

In vain I create Something great so I can win I'm competitive

Birthday cheers to you This is your gift by the way So enjoy it now

I could get mushy Really, what would be the point? You know how I feel

I’d wax eloquent But it is my vacation So my brain’s shut off

Instead I’ll just write Steve, you always rock my world (Yes, that’s what she said.)

Yeah, you might think the contest was rigged since my wife won, but admit it: the use of “that’s what she said” cemented her victory.

Thanks, everyone for making my day great. Isn't the world a better place when people are creative? Here’s the rest in case they someday get lost in the Facebook black hole.

Eric Riggs Eleven o'clock A Haiku, then bed for me You have lots of friends. Shannon Perkins Smith Hey Steve, here's my wish Happy flippin' birthday freak Joy to you this year Shawn Wuske I missed your phone call About watching the Bearcats Come and join the fun

Sara Faison Another year gone Hope this next year is the best Happy Birthday Steve

Amy Lyday Campbell i suck at haiku but since it is your birthday here is your haiku

Mark Campbell You don't rock my world But your still pretty awesome Have a super day!!!!!

Jeffrey Worthen the cow moos tonight moo moo moo moo moo moo moo the cow moos tonight Robert Gee YADHTRIB YPPAH UOY OT YADHTRIB YPPAH STRUH NIARB YM

Martha Hill Happy Birthday Steve on my Anniversary a very good day!

Melissa Mingie [HONORABLE MENTION FOR HUMORING THE OLD MAN] This is kinda lame But I'll humor the old man Happy Birthday Steve

David McCoy Los cumpleaños felices a usted, los cumpleaños felices a usted cumpleaños Felices Steve Kristi Mendenhall You know you are cool Ur makin' me want to drool maybe use the stool

i'm glad you were born c c u ah...makes one torn go'head toot your horn

Emily Hill Happy Birthday Steve I think you're really crazy And I am awesome

Melody White-Riggs Steve, Happy Birthday What fun this game is to play Even though I stink

Tye VonAllmen Dust in the wind Pizza is my favorite fruit I love to skate Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell I suck at writing But Steve you are way too cool So, Have a great day!

Rob Brown You and your sister were born just a day apart? What's nine months before?

A Birthday Haiku That is a dumb idea I will not do it Brent Colwick Your birthday is great Peanut Butter Sandwiches That's what I'm screamin'

Alicia Gee Happy Birthday to Steve. I think that is all I need to say, Yea!

Carrie Furnish I'm not that creative But I'll give it my best shot Have a great birthday!

Adam Allman Your birthday is when Oh my you are now how old Still have time to say..... Rick Moore I like you more then three clicks and 13 letters Happy Birthday Steve!

Chris French My glad birthday wish May end up stinking like fish Next to all others

Becky Smyth i'll try to be cool with a fun birthday greeting that rhymes a bit too!

Audrey Morrison A trip to Ikea and a large Diet Coke Makes a Fabulous Birthday

Laura Stevens Another year young Loved by family and friends Happy Birthday Steve

Daniel Becker Walnut Hills beckons Reverend Kemper's estate and the House of Carr

Matt Coulter with motion forward time mocks the year-barer's mind "age well, Steve, age well"

Jon Weatherly Birthday tomorrow. Youth yields to gray middle age. Stubborn ear hairs sprout. Markus Watson I dislike haiku I wish you wouldn't want it Still, Happy Birthday Lori Rutherford Friend of my brother, Happy Birthday from Cali! Glad you are still fun! Jason Powell Entiendes no? Feliz Cumpleanos Steve Bendiciones Tim Reed happy birthday hap happy birthday happy birth happy birthday hap

Dave Little You are a great pal Skyline unites us Refrigerator

Chad Powers [HONORABLE MENTION FOR GOOD STORY] Playing center field Steve runs fast to catch the ball Fence, nose, ouch, blood, dizzy Daniel Smyth [HONORABLE MENTION FOR INCLUSION OF LEMMINGS] It makes me so sad To think that lemmings are dead It was all a lie.

Happy Birthday Steve You are aging well I hope Way to live this long.

With age comes wisdom Or say they tell me is true You may be a sage.

This is the last verse So I better make it good Your parents like March.

John and JoLynn Handel Steve is thirty-something And has no taste in sports Someday he will learn