Cheese With My Wine

Why take pictures? Because you never know when one will touch a nerve.

An employee with Cincinnati Parks was online a few months ago searching for some wintry pictures of Eden Parks. She found this photo I posted to my Flickr account that I took on a snowy morning two years ago and thought it was ideal. I received an email from her asking if the park board could use the pic for promotions. I told her, as I tell everyone when they ask about where we live, our family absolutely loves the park so she could use it for free as long as I had no objections to what it was being used for.

Sidenote 1: I'm not quite sure what I was imagining when a made this stipulation. It's not like there's an Eden Park p0rn festival out there.

The employee let me know that every year the park board releases some holiday wines from a little winery in Hyde Park. They wanted to use my picture for a label on one of the bottles.

Sidenote 2: I know some teetotallers are reading this now, screaming in slow motion, "PLEASE TELL US YOU SAID 'NOOOOOO!'" but you will be severely disappointed. If you're in this camp, you might want to stop reading this post and forget that you ever started reading it in the first place.*

Of course, I said yes. In my opinion, it looks pretty cool [there's a glimpse of the label up top]. We received a bottle for free and they are currently available to purchase from the Cincinnati Parks Board. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how you would go about getting a bottle, but I'd say it's safe to call the park headquarters and someone could help you out with it.

So now I've had my photos published in a book and printed on a wine bottle. Maybe it's finally time to get around to that camera upgrade.


*Honestly, I know my decision to be associated with alcohol will disappoint some of you who believe that it's the devil's tool and my position as a minister should require that I totally steer clear of the hooch. I don't care to take up the issue of alcohol abstinence here in the blog. If it really bothers you, you should probably drop me a line.