My Morning Reads [Part Two]

The blogs, they are a-changing. I finish my morning reading by checking out the blog feeds that have accumulated overnight. Once the simple online journals of geeks around the globes, blogs are now much more professional endeavors. As a result, they can be a valuable tool for those desiring to stay sharp and up-to-date on the latest happenings. Using Google Reader, I currently subscribe to over 150 blogs.

Each morning, I'll have between 60 and 100 articles to check out. Now I don't read every one of them. I usually scan the title and the opening sentences and instantly decide whether or not I'll read a post. And I'm constantly evaluating whether or not a blog is still worth checking out.

So to what kinds of blogs am I subscribed? Here's a taste:

Ministry: I haven't bought a ministry book in years. It's sorta pointless when many of the country's best practitioners post their thoughts for free online. I'll admit that I've been cutting back on some of these blogs as some of these guys use their journals for blatant self promotion. Still, there are some good ones out there. Examples: Ed Stetzer, Bob Hyatt, Ben Arment.

Bible/Theology: The same reason I subscribe to ministry blogs. Examples: Codex, Bible Places, Between Two Worlds.

Cincinnati: This is the city in which I do ministry, I feel it's my responsibility to know everything that happens here. There are some great local blogs that help me do such that. Examples: Queen City Survey, Cincinnati Beacon, Cincinnati Revisited, and my new favorite, Catholic Telegraph Photography Project.

Business Leadership: It's helpful to see what's going on in the broader society, as some of those values can be helpful in the church. Examples: Seth Godin, TED Talks, Malcom Gladwell.

Graphic Design: I do the graphic design for Echo. Since I have no formal training, it's imperative that I stay up the date on what's hot in design. Examples: Smashing Magazine, Vectortuts, Photoshop Candy.

Contrarian: Yes, I subscribe to a few blogs of folks with whom I disagree. If I'm so convinced that my worldview is correct, then I should not be threatened to read the thoughts of people on the other end of the spectrum. Examples: Debunking Christianity, Friendly Atheist, Ten Reasons.

Sports: I can't hide the fact that I'm a huge sports fan, so I'll use Google Reader to keep up on what's going on with my teams. Examples: Reds, Bearcats, Muskies.

Friends: Since many of my friends have their own blogs, it's a convenient way to keep up with their lives. Examples: Life as a Secret Agent, Eagle and Child, Room 113.

Miscellaneous: There are some that just won't fit snuggly into a category. For instance:

Like I said, this is just a sampling. Many more where this came from. So enlighten me: what blogs aren't I reading that I should?

P.S. I updated the "Links" page last week.