How Much This Means To Some

I was in a dialogue with someone in the comments section of my last post about local issues in tomorrow's election. This person was most interested in Ohio's Issue 5 that would regulate the APR the PayDay loan industry is allowed to charge. I was getting a tad annoyed because he presented a list of "facts" that are statistics offered up by the PayDay industry, taking them at their word.

I decided to check the IP address [note: if you want to anonymously leave a rude comment for me, you should hide your IP] and this guy I've been conversing with is actually an employee of Fleishman Hillard, a PR firm located in New York City, that was hired by the PayDay lobby to help them pass the issue.

So it's not like this guy just stumbled on my blog. He lives in NYC [shout out to the Dale and Audrey] and gets paid to spam blogs and leave comments like this. What's sad is that even as PR goes, these arguments aren't substantive or compelling.

You know there's a lot at stake with an issue if someone is actually getting paid to read my blog.