Things Seen [Part Three]

Last week I attended an urban church conference in St Louis. I drove out, listening to everything on my iPod, and was able to save some money by boarding with my friend Bala who now works in suburban STL. I must admit, I was very impressed with the city. Even though there are some areas in dire need of help, there are numerous diverse communities [both racially and economically] within the city. And it was must larger than I remembered.

During an extended lunch time, I made a trek downtown to snap some pics of the famous Arch. I've seen it before, been to the top even, but it still fascinates me. Over 600 feet tall. Absolutely amazing.

The old Jefferson Courthouse, just west of the Arch.

I also had to see the new Busch stadium. Still ticked that the county was cheap with G.A.B. This stadium is a Cadillac.

And a tribute to Stan The Man: