Things Seen [Part One]

I realized that I haven't posted any of the pictures filling my hard drive so I'd get them up tonight.

First up is a trip I took a couple of weeks ago with my brother Tim. One of his electrical suppliers had some tickets to the Notre Dame vs Purdue game in South Bend. I had been on campus once before, the result of a college road trip, but I had never been to a game, so I was excited to go. We went half-way up on Friday night, spending a not-so-memorable night in Kokomo, Indiana [John Stamos and the Beach Boys were nowhere to be found]. Then we drove back late Saturday night. Any-who, the highlights.

We tailgated by this weird science experiment place just off campus. We thought they were above ground graves.

Irish fans pray at the Grotto before the game. Yeah, they need all the prayer they can get.

The Golden Dome sure was . . . goldeny.

Dude was playing the bagpipes. The Fighting Scottish?

This mural on the side of the library is actually named "The Word of Life." But since it's so close to the stadium, it garnered the nickname "Touchdown Jesus." So not only can he hit a curve ball, he can referee a football game.

We sat behind the student section which was pretty awesome. And Purdue was pretty horrible this game so they had lots to cheer about.

This Boilermaker fan kept going up and down the stairs. He was gnawlin' on this stogie, and I just had to take his picture.

This was us at the game. Both Tim and I had to buy Notre Dame gear on the way up. I opted for the $5 Wal-Mart hat while he went all out with the hat and shirt. Good times . . .