It's Time

Although I do love the Bengals, I need a time-out. When you preach on Sunday nights, spending the afternoon watching futility affects your attitude. I'm sometimes angry because the home team looked horrible. And this franchise is nowhere near being close to being a winner. That's why I think I'm done watching the Bengals this year. Yes, friends, I would say that such a fast would actually be chicken soup for my soul.

Read my thoughts in the Enquirer about the rest of this football season. Since it's in print, I suppose I must abide by it.

p.s. Perhaps most painful about this is, at the beginning of the season, I went to the Bengals Pro-Shop and bought Kelly and Kaelyn their first Bengals shirts. And then I taught Kaelyn to say "WHO-DEY" in a really funny voice. And when she sees the tiger stripes or that letter "B" she says, "Daddy, Cincinnati Bengals, Rrrrrrr." It was going to be so cool. And now . . .

UPDATE: I changed the link to the morning edition that made the front page. Also quoted was friend and Echo-ite Larry Budde who invested much more into the franchise than I ever have.