I haven't really posted since last week. We had a busy Saturday with the Walnut Hills festival [more on that later] and then came the first hurricane I've ever experienced in Cincinnati.

I'll admit, I was a little oblivious to the whole thing until Sunday night. In the afternoon, as 70mph winds started to hit the city, the only thing we lost here was the cable [a blessings in disguise, as the Bengals were not worth watching]. One of the great things being on the downtown grid is that power never goes out. I talked to a neighbor the other day who said she's lived here almost twelve years and the power has never gone out. I'm guessing if it didn't go out Sunday, we're good to go for anything. Ah, the benfits of downtown living.

So while there are many in our area who have struggled to have a normal way of life this week, we were lucky. And when compared to the plight of those who have to recover from actual hurricanes, I'm thinking we're all fortunate.