More Stuff No One Cares About But Me

Sports-geek stuff here, but allow me to gloat.

Even though I've decided not to play fantasy football this fall, I'm a fantasy baseball addict. For six years now I've been in a keeper league. I'm usually competitive [my worse year was when we planted the church], winning one championship and making back-to-back playoff appearances in that time-span. This has been a rough season as I had two high draft picks turn out to be useless. With six weeks to go, I was in fourth place out of six teams in my division and I had reached that critical point: do I have a fire-sale or hang on in an attempt to make the play-offs? I decided to hang in there.

Glad I did.

We have five head-to-head match-ups per week. So in those last thirty games, I went 29-1 to win the division. That, friends, is finishing stong. It's been fun coming home after church on Sunday nights to see how my guys finished up, giving me a little piece of happiness in the midst of losing Cincinnati sports teams.

So we'll see how I do in the play-offs, but half the fun was getting there.

*And about the picture with this article: for some reason, I've always named my fantasy baseball teams "Manchester United" for my favorite professional soccer team— an even greater testimony to my dorkiness.