It's On Like Donkey Kong


I didn't think they could do it, but the McCain campaign figured out how to counter the amazing spectacle that was Barack Obama's convention speech.

Even though Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is a virtual unknown, McCain tabbed her as his running-mate. She is against abortion [to the extent that she gave birth to a Down-Syndrome child in April], the oldest of her five children is in the Army [and he's headed to Iraq in December], she's a lifelong NRA member [bringing back the gun vote McCain probably lost to Libertarian Bob Barr], her husband is a union member, and she's the only candidate that has executive experience.

Oh yeah, and SHE's a woman.

Now, regardless of what happens in November, our country will smash a barrier. I am telling you: this is now the most compelling Presidential election in US history.

Really quick analysis: I listened to Obama last night, and that was not the caliber of speech I expected. There will be plenty of time to go after McCain on specifics, but he decided to go after him last night. Obama had the most electrifying crowd in US political history and, basically, played it safe; he relied a little too much on the scene and not on visionary words [it was a mash-up of stump-speech material]. The football analogy would be that Obama ran the ball up the middle three-times in a row, content to punt and challenge McCain to out-do him. Of course, McCain can't out-do him as an orator. But he could pick a "veep" to steal his thunder. And, even though it's soon after the fact, I'm thinking he might have succeeded.

I would hope that the next few months will actually focus on the differences in ideology that make these tickets so incredibly different. But, instead, expect the same old crap, of pointless bickering over verbal gaffs because the media sucks.