Steve Jobs Is Dead

. . . um, no he isn't. But he might have been.

For ages, the media has stored pre-written obituaries of celebrities to give them a head start on unexpected deaths [ask my wife: editorial deadlines suck]. The Bloomberg financial newswire had a 17-page obit written up about the Apple founder and decided to update it this week. But upon completion, someone inadvertently published the article. Of course, it was instantly pulled when they realized this, but the funny thing about the interwebs is that those kinds of mistakes can't be erased.

Still, like the bizarre thought of being able to attend your own funeral, how weird would it be to read how people will remember your passing? I've even attempted to do this to myself, but it probably needs some revision.

So how do you want to be remembered? I'd get to work on it, because apparently that will be determined long before you're actually gone.