Weep and Pray

The local media has picked up on a horrific story at my alma mater. It seems the baby daughter of a faculty member was left in an automobile today. She passed away. It is an incredibly sad situation and your prayers would be greatly appreciated. School is just getting started there and a bunch of young adults, along with many of my friends on staff there, will be scarred by this event for years to come. Ironically, I spent a considerable amount of time at Cincinnati Christian University today. When I first arrived on campus this morning, I took a call from an old college friend and decided to talk to him while taking in the beautiful view of the city. During this time (I like to walk while I talk) I apparently walked back and forth past the car where the little child was left.

Didn't see a thing. Why would I have looked?

I think the windows of the vehicle were tinted, which could explain why it took the entire day before she was discovered. But it's hitting me very hard tonight, forced to think that I was within a few yards of this little infant in need and had no idea.

It's too sad, especially for her parents. I'm sure it was an accident, so before the media forces a critical eye towards them, and the public looks for justice, let's stop for a moment. Let's shed some tears for this family for their loss. And let's hug our children tonight.

A little baby died. And it's incredibly sad.