Nikon or Canon?

I'm ready to brave a new frontier:

It's finally time to buy a DSLR.

Since the advent of the digital camera I've started to really enjoy photography*. My first two [decent] digital cameras have been of the Canon point-and-click variety. They've done a rather good job. Our pictures from our Israel/Paris trip are excellent, making me glad for the new technology. My most reason camera has been awesome as well. But it still doesn't give me everything I need to take the best quality photos. I mean, Kaelyn has yet to have an "official sitting" at a studio, I think the step up is valid. So now, the search begins.

This isn't going to be an impulse buy. I'm trying to do some meticulous research. In the end, though, it basically comes down to two brands: Canon or Nikon**. Really, most of the articles I read are generous to both brands; they state that regardless of what camera you chose, the most important aspect to good photography is the photographer. But once you pick a brand, you're basically locked-in for life. They make the lenses so you can continue to use them with newer camera bodies, but they aren't compatible between brands. I know my father-in-law is a Nikon guy, and I'm sorta leaning that way right now.

So as I chew on this decision, I thought I'd open it up to y'all. Do you own a DSLR? What's your brand? Any advice on how to proceed?

*You can check out some of my photos here.

**I don't know about you, but I find it peculiar that both brand names seem like they should have a double consonant in the middle.