How To Skin[e] a Mole*

For the longest time I searched for the perfect system by which I could record my thoughts while out and about. As technology developed, I wanted to be in step so I leaned towards digital methods. I owned a Handspring [the knock-off of the original Palm Pilot], which I used fairly well. Then, yearning to see my calendar in color, I purchased a PDA [can't even remember the brand now] that ran the Windows friendly Pocket PC software. When we started the church and I went Mac-only, it was not worth it to make the handheld compatible [over $100 at the time for the software] so I was back at square one.

But over a year-and-a-half ago I found a new way to keep my thoughts: an old-fashioned notebook. I chose to use the Moleskine [pronounced "mol-a-skeen-a"] notebook and I love it. Sure, it doesn't sync up with my computer, but it's small enough that I can stick in my back pocket and it forces me to strive for good handwriting. I take the book with me practically everywhere. Names, ideas, to-do lists— it was all working.

After writing small and using both sides of the paper, I was within a few months of filling the notebook. I was beginning to anticipate the accomplishment that would come with filling up the book but, of course, just last week, I lost my notebook. I know I had it with me Sunday morning as I made the trek out to the church in New Richmond. After that, I have no idea. I searched the house and the church thoroughly and still found nothing. I'm thinking I dropped it out on the street and someone picked it up looking for an identity to swipe [fortunately, I don't write any of that kind of information in the book]. So twenty months of my scribbling is now gone. And I've tried not to think about it because it depresses me a little.

But, all in all, the Moleskine served me well. And I've been thinking of ways to better organize my chaotic thoughts. So even though I'm saddened to think of my loss, I'm a little excited about picking up a new notebook tomorrow and continue using this old/new system.

P.S. I use the gridded version of the Moleskine, in the reporter's style. Although I like the look of the book-style, the reporter's style allows me to write all the way to the edges.

*No actual moles were harmed in the publishing of this blog post.