April Foolin'

Yes, my last post was a weak attempt at an April Fools joke. Can't really defend it: I was lazy and it was Rick Astley. As the wife noted over on her corner of the interwebs, there were a lot of April Fool's jokes out there today; I mean, they were all over the place on the world wide web. I'm wondering if the rising popularity of the internet is now bringing about a renaissance of this faux-holiday. Over the years, it became less and less couth for the major media outlets to pull jokes [exposing themselves to possible lawsuits], but the internet has always dabbled with illegitimacy, making it a perfect location to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting people.

I suspect that there are sycophants around the world already plotting for next year [just like this guy], looking to leave their one-day mark of brillance for all to see.

Yep, did it again.

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