Time to deplete the checklist.

Tonight I wrapped up another class. Barring unforeseen savage grading, I should get an A. Not to brag [um, that's not true, I think I am bragging] that's all A's and an unjust B since restarting graduate work. Also, this leaves only two courses to complete towards graduation next spring. The learning experience has been worth it, but I'll admit that I always feel better when it's over.

Additionally, we finally wrapped up our study of the books of Samuel at Echo.* Again, while I've enjoyed working through these Old Testament books, especially the lessons learned from the life of David, I'm always up for a new challenge. For the rest of the summer I'll be teaching through the New Testament Epistle of James. If you have a Sunday night open, I invite you to come and join us.

So hopefully I'll finally get around to posting some things I've had in mind here by the end of the week.

*If you want to catch up on any of the teachings from Samuel, you can get them off iTunes via our website.