Trying to Transition

I've sung the praises of Wordpress and have thoroughly enjoyed using it as a blogging platform. While I've enjoyed this current layout, I'm ready to change it again. My reasoning is twofold: 1) I [finally] admit, it's not the easiest to read. People who catch the blog via RSS don't necessarily notice, but if you read straight from the website, the text is a tad tiny.

2) I get bored easily. So even though I've only had this theme for about a year, it feels like time to change.

The new theme I'm working with is pretty sweet, nothing like anything I've seen. But I'm still tweaking the code so I might not have it up for a little while. So depending on how fast I can work on it, I might be on a little hiatus. So be patient, and we'll get this up as soon as possible.