Not This Time

The third leg of the Triple Crown is Saturday, with Big Brown aiming to be the first horse to accomplish the trifecta in thirty years. Even though some people view this race as a job to the coronation, since 1948 there have been eighteen horses that won the Derby and the Preakness and consequently lost the Belmont. The reason? The Belmont is 1.5 miles, a long haul for many of these horses. With that in mind, I'm predicting that Big Brown will come up empty handed.

Casino Drive is a horse bred specifically for this long distance. He's the spawn of a Derby winner. And he hadn't competed in either of the first two legs of the Triple Crown. Commentators admit that this has been a weak year for the three year-olds, and Casino Drive is the real deal.

Although it would be great to see the horse accomplish this epic task, the trainer is as arrogant as anyone I've ever seen in horse racing. He's been talking smack since Derby week. I'm thinking this is the week he's wrong.

Casino Drive to win.