Disappointing . . .

 . . . that no one's chimed in about Derby horses. A little too high-brow for y'all? Well let's bring it back to the people and go where I've seldom gone yet this year:

American Idol.

Talk about disappointing.

This is absolutely the worst season I can ever remember. All of the hype about how good this season would be was just that— hype. Just look at the front runners to win this thing:

David Archeleta [not even caring if I spelled it right]: Sure, the kid has a decent voice [not as fantastic as everyone thinks], but his awkwardness makes Taylor Hicks look normal. Can you tell Simon is secretly rooting for him to lose because he knows that no one will buy those albums?

The other David [no, I haven't bothered learning his last name]: Yeah, he's had some good performances, but it's feast or famine. He can be really bad. I think he's popular because he reminds people of Daughtry, but he's no Daughtry. I'm not sure he'll have much of a career either.

In short, this season's been a waste. As I've testified before, the DVR hooks us into this show, but I'm at the point where I'm ready to quit. Doesn't really matter who wins. It's starting to feel like the Reds:

Wait 'till next year.

So pick a Derby horse already.