Not A Good Idea

The idea of putting Section 8 housing on the Banks is ridiculous. For those outside Cincinnati, the Banks is the real estate along the Ohio River between Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark. The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, who had over ten years to bring up this topic, chose to do so the week before construction equipment was moved on-site. The CMHA argues that the Banks will be Cincinnati's 53rd neighborhood and therefore needs to have low-income housing as part of it.

I reject that argument. The Banks will be Downtown, which is already classified one of those 52 neighborhoods.  There is already low-income housing Downtown. In fact, there is plenty of Section 8 housing all around town [including right next door to our place]. The true reason the CMHA is bringing this up is to try to get a [late] stake in the bargaining table; it's mere grandstanding that could continue to delay the construction process.

As a citizen of Cincinnati, I want the Banks to be as profitable as possible. In the long term, it's what's in the best interest for our city. Is it fair that only the wealthy will be able to live at the Banks? Probably not, but that's life. I cannot afford to live in Indian Hill; it's premium real estate. Finances indeed limit where I can dwell. I will most likely not be able to afford to live at the Banks, but if I really want to, I need to come up with the money it takes to live there. Taxpayer money is being invested here, and I want the best return for the investment. The Banks should not be expected to be an all-inclusive neighborhood. And it doesn't need to be.

The CMHA would be best served to stick with what they do best and not try to manipulate city development from afar.