Tuesdays Are Gone

Some of you have commented to me that you miss Tuesdays With Kaelyn [if you're unfamiliar with our video series, an example can be found here]. I thoroughly enjoyed making the videos, but we've hit an extensive dry patch, with almost a year since the last video. This is not without reason. Among them:

  1. Kelly no longer works in the office on Tuesdays. Wednesday is now our day together. This is probably not a legitimate excuse, but Wedensdays With Kaelyn doesn't have the same ring.
  2. Kaelyn isn't quite as cooperative. Believe it or not, it was easier to film her when she was younger. She's still a ham but she tends to pull back whrn the camera's on.
  3. I'm lazy. Since she's more active we have a lot more fun. Today [yes, Kelly switched here work day to Thursday this week] we went to the UDF in Mount Adams to eat a bagel. Then we went over to the playground by Playhouse in the Park and had a great time. Since we're always doing something, there's a lot less time for video editing, especially if I want to get any work done while she's napping.
  4. Other projects in development. Kaelyn and I are actually working on a more extensive project that is taking awhile. It might not offer the instant gratification of a Tuesdays video, but I'm excited about it.

We do have some videos that I need to get online sometime soon. I'll try working on them in the next week or so. Until then, here's a picture I took on my Mac while we were sitting here watching some soccer. While I type, she was just chillin' with me.

I think that demonstrates that, Tuesdays or not, we have a great time.