Why Do I Watch This?

American Idol, that is. I guess it's because we like music. But if we didn't have DVR, I couldn't stomach it.

Take, for instance, the past two weeks. When they opened up the Beatles catalog I was worried. I didn't want these kids butchering some of my favorite songs, but they did amazingly well. I remarked to Kelly that it was one of the best weeks I've ever watched. Apparently the producers enjoyed it too, as they decided to stick with the Beatles for a second consecutive week.

Big mistake.

Tuesday night's edition was some of the worst two hours of television I've ever witnessed. Absolutely horrible.

And the tonight the Irish chick [I refuse to learn their real names until it's almost over] is in the bottom three? That's just ridiculous.

With new episodes of other shows ready to start up [see: The Office], I could drop A.I. like a bad habit.

Don't make me do it, Seacrest.