Another Bracket To Fill Out

Apparently there's still more UC basketball to watch. The Bearcats will participate in the inaugural College Basketball Invitational tournament. It's sorta like the the N.I.T. to the N.I.T., if that makes sense to you. That reminds me of what my friend Alex always used to tell me, "you can't spell 'Cincinnati' without 'N.I.T.'" I guess now he'll have to say, "you can't spell 'Cincinnati Bearcats' without 'C.B.I.'"

Not sure I'll be able to get a CBI pool going. If you're interested in participating . . . you probably have a gambling problem.


Apparently UC will be playing on the road at Bradley on Wednesday. It'll be tough for them to travel to that gym, but I guess we'll get a good sense of how playing the Big East schedule improved the Bearcats. Their early non-conference embarrassments, which kept them out of N.I.T., happened without Jamal Warren running the point so this is a better team at the end of the season.

I'm still torn as to how excited I can be about following UC in the CBI.