When I Count My Blessings . . .

. . . near the top of the list, I include fantastic in-laws. For more than ten years now I've known Dave and Bev and they have always treated me wonderfully. I can't think of one disagreement we've had that whole time. They've been constantly supportive, always respectful, and consistently encouraging no matter where I've taken their daughter [and now granddaughter]. Not sure why I got so lucky, but I did.

I received the cherished invite to go see UK play at Rupp tonight* [former UC coach Andy Kennedy brought his Ole Miss team in] and had a great time at the game with Dave and enjoyed Bev going to dinner with us. The experience was well worth the three-hour round trip.

Not sure how many men would enjoy the thought of spending extended time with his in-laws,  but maybe if they had mine they would.

*I was rooting for Kentucky, as I am in the habit of doing, in case you were wondering. But it was hillarious to see them blow a huge lead and almost lose on a last second shot. Hearing 22,000 people say, "OH NO!!!" in unison is pretty awesome. I love my UK fanatic family but I'll be pretty angry if they make the NCAA tourney this year. They don't deserve it.