Will Work

The washer fluid motor on my Explorer doesn't work. I'd replace it, but I only need it occasionally, mostly during the winter [always make sure to use the free squeegee at the gas station]. Since it's not high on the to-do list, I carry a squirt bottle of washer fluid with me and apply when needed. This afternoon I stopped at a UDF and decided it would be a good time to rinse the windows down. I grabbed some napkins and my trusty bottle and went to work.

As I was cleaning a couple guys in a van pulled up next to me and got out. I didn't think anything of it at first until I realized how the scene must have appeared; I looked like one of those guys who wait until you pull up to the intersection and clean your windows for cash. As the guys in the van walked by, one of them couldn't resist and finally asked, "How much to do ours?"

We all had a good laugh about it but I later realized I missed out on an opportunity to make a little extra money.