I've always been fascinated with the assassination of President Kennedy. I'm not a conspiracy theorist per se, but you have to admit that the occurrences surrounding JFK's death in November 1963 are peculiar enough that we still discuss them today. So on my recent trip to Dallas, before my conference started, I went downtown to Dealey Plaza to see the site and visit the museum now located at the Texas Book Depository site. The museum itself is mainly located on the sixth floor of the building, the floor where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shots. No photography is allowed in the museum, which is filled with photos, time-lines and artifacts. The tour is self-guided; your given an mp3 player with headphones to go through it.

As I remembered the Oliver Stone movie that suggested Kennedy's assassination was a conspiracy, there was just one thing that stood out to me while on the sixth floor. Oswald, after shooting the President, was supposed to have ran across to floor to a stairwell, hidden his rifle, descended four flights of stairs, and made it to the lunch room in 90 seconds. I'm just saying, the guy must've been fast. I also never realized that Oswald was only 24 years old.

It was a little bizarre to see how some people acted around the place. I understand the need to take a few pictures but what possesses someone to pose smiling in the place where someone was killed? Check the picture below [taken from the overpass, with the Texas Book Depository behind the trees to the left] and you'll see at the other end of the arrow the dipwad who wanted his picture taken where JFK was shot. Even more ironic is it wasn't even the right location. Tourists . . .