Miggity Mac

No, I'm not getting a Mac Book Air anytime soon. This is one instance where Steve Jobs totally missed the market. The Air is the kind of laptop you get if your purchase only depends on aesthetics. Fortunately for Apple, that is a market and they'll sell a few of them. I predict that it won't have staying power. Spent last week upgrading the MacBook Pro and things are operating well. Thanks to the Dale for spotting a good price, I finally installed Leopard and am loving all it does. I've not explored all the new features yet, but I can already tell it operates much faster than Tiger. Before I upgraded, I did diagnostics and deleted unused apps, so it's like I'm using a brand new machine.

Additionally, I picked up some new apps at Mac Heist. For those Apple-using folk unfamiliar with it, I suggest heading over there and checking things out. Currently you can pick up 14 different applications which normally retail for $500 at the low, low price of fifty bucks. It's a special that only lasts a couple more days, so the time's a tickin'.