Quick Political Observation

I was under the weather today, and didn't feel like writing when I have a lot on my mind. Watching the results tonight, it played out just like I suspected it would last week. McCain took New Hampshire and Hillary edged out Obama on the Democratic side. The thing to note is that Hillary is already being called the Comeback Kid [a'la Bill Clinton] and she didn't comeback from anything. New Hampshire was Hillary's to lose and she did what she was supposed to do- finish first. What changed the perspective was the polling in the past two days that showed Obama had a huge lead in NH. The media annointed him the clear victor and was predicting a walk to the nomination. Clinton's camp was gripping earlier today, possibly faced with packing in, and now feels inspired by this victory. Obviously the polling was way off here.

So if it were not for the bad polling, this would still be somewhat of a loss for Clinton. Obama finished a close second, which still should be disturbing to Hillary's camp. But they'll spin this as new momentum, and the media will let her have it.

I ask: did the media create a [false] Obama frenzy that will eventually hurt his candidacy? Quite possibly.