"My Daddy"

They say its my birthday. It's your birthday too if you're Tiger Woods, Lebron James, or Matt Lauer. Closer to home, there's my brother-in-law Scott, Lexi Eddy, Ashley Keene, and Shane Hively. The one thing about the era of Myspace and Facebook is that you can't really hide your birthday. I received more emails today about it than I ever had. I'm not sure I can remember a Sunday birthday since I've been in the ministry; I'm sure it's happened, but I have no memory of it. The thing about being a minister is that Sunday is a work day. I'm not complaining, but it's tough to absorb things when you're moving constantly. I've never been a big birthday person anyway. I was telling my mom today that she should really get the attention since she was the one who did all the work so I can celebrate today.

But my day was great. We had lunch with my parents and my grandmother. My sister's kids in Indianapolis serenaded my voicemail. I had a great time teaching tonight at church, with everyone back from Christmas. Kaelyn was wonderful all day [well, at least around me]. She's taken to referring to me as "my daddy." It sounds funny, but I love it. Everything she did today made me smile. Kelly was awesome as usual, making me wonder how I ended up with her in the first place.

Speaking of first place . . . I arrived home the FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION! When I left for church this afternoon I was down fifty points, but came home with the lead. Props to Chad Johnson and Clinton Portis who had huge days making it happen.

So overall I'm feeling good. Not quite sure I feel 32. But after reading Entertainment Weekly this afternoon, I discovered that Fergie [of Kids Incorporated, Black Eyed Peas and "London Bridge" fame] is also 32. I've decided that I look better than her. Disagree if you must.

I was born. Horray for me.