The Best At Beit [Tunes]

Finished my paper tonight so I'm feeling good. So in a mini-celebration, I played my favorite song of 2007. What is that, you ask? I'll let you know. But why stop at one? Here at the home office, we don't do elevator music. We do not discriminate between musical genres. If a song is good, we'll support it. So here is the Beit Carr top 16 list [just because] of songs from 2007.

16. Regina Spektor- Fidelity 

Kaelyn likes it. Kelly likes it. She's Russian. It makes the list

15. Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne

She's crazy, but I like her music. Total bubble-gum, but who doesn't like gum? 

14. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's 

We were into this before it over-saturated the world. Apparently the guy wrote the song for a girl who didn't even like, who already had a boyfriend. Wonder what it's like to hear a song on the radio about you . . .  

13. Umbrella- Rihanna

Kaelyn's song of the year. The best part is listening to her sing "'ela, ela, A! A! A!" 

12. 1,2,3,4- Feist

Blame it on the iPod commercial.  

11. This Is Why I Rock- Mims featuring Purple Popcorn

The rock version of this redundant rap song is actually rather good. 

10. Stolen- Dashboard Confessional

Emo, but likeable. 

9. The End of History- Fionn Regan 

More emo, but a great accoustic guitar. All his stuff is awesome. 

8. How Far We've Come- Matchbox Twenty

Late to the party, but a Matchbox song worth the download. 

7. Grace Kelly- Mika

Freddie Mecury back from the dead? Sounds like it. 

6. Lip Gloss- Little Mama

"Whatchu know 'bout me?" High school rap is awesome.

5. Boston- Augustana

The piano: Coldplay invented it, Augustana carries the torch. 

4. Cupid's Chokehold- Gym Class Heroes

I'm just sayin', this song does not get old. 

3. Stronger- Kanye West

Kanye is good for one hit song an album. This is it.

2. Icky Thump- The White Stripes

Jack White is masterful. This song is proof. 

1. The Pretender- Foo Fighters 

Mr T might want to go fight some foo's, but it's this song the bears all the competition. The Foo Fighters know how to make albums and this one does not disappoint. Get . . . This . . . Song.