Life Interrupted

This morning Kelly awoke complaining about some discomfort in her back. This is her office day so she popped a few Advil and decided to anyway [it should be noted that I encouraged her not to go]. She called around noon saying she was still feeling pain so I told her to call her doctor to get checked out. Her doctor sent her to Pro-Scan Imaging who told her that she would have to go to the hospital. She had a partially collapsed lung.

Spontaneous Pnuemothorax, to be exact. It's when air develops in the space between the lung and the rib, causing the lung to collapse. Kelly's was about 35% collapsed.

Sheryl stopped by to watch Kaelyn and I headed over to Christ Hospital's ER to be with Kelly. I wasn't too bothered until I walked into her room where about six medical personnel were getting things ready to do a procedure; that's when I got a little nervous. The doctor was excellent, explaining that he would insert a chest tube and it would relieve that air. They basically knocked her out for the procedure and it only lasted about 30 minutes. When I came back in, Kelly was pretty spacey but everything went fine. The tube will remain in her for five days until they take it out and evaluate its success.

Another extended hospital stay for Kel.

As of 10:20 tonight they have yet to get her into a room, but they were planning on getting her on the new cardiovascular wing of the hospital.

Life might be crazy for a couple of days, so please keep us in your prayers.

UPDATE: Read Kelly's perspective here. She had a pretty good night.