Through The Cracks

Things I didn't get to mention this week:

  • I actually went to the Bengals game with Aaron last Sunday. The Bengals are so bad I really contemplated whether or not to take a free ticket. I did and it was a great decision. As bad as the Bengals are right now, the Titans looked much worse.
  • I had a connection to the officer that got injured this past week in the car chase on 1-75. I kept seeing his picture in the paper and knew he looked familiar. I worked with his wife Toni when I was on staff at Cincinnati Christian University. Word is that he's doing better but prayers would always help.
  • The funny thing about the picture book awards thing last night was the discrepancy in people. There were some totally serious amatuer photographers there along with hacks like me. One guy there was a meat-eating, red-blooded American dude from Kentucky; he was wearing a Reds jersey so I  struck up a conversation with him. I honestly thought he was there with his wife. Later his picture won first place in the animal category. It was a beautiful picture of a butterfly. I guess you can't tell a book by its cover.
  • Speaking of baseball, this is an early call but I'm going to go with it: the Reds will make the playoffs this year. Getting Francisco Cordero changes the entire look of this team. I still think someone will be moved here soon to get another quality starter. As much as some people want to keep them, I can see Ryan Freel and Josh Hamilton not wearing Reds uniforms next year. Of course, if Boston gets Johan Santana, they automatically get the World Series trophy without having to play the game.
  • If you live in Cincinnati you've probably noticed those annoying CincyAutos commercials with the chick holding the sign. I'm just not sure what to do about that. Even on a pornographic level it doesn't make sense. You could argue that it's memorable but the only thing it's done for me is insure that I'll never buy a car from them.
  • Mike Huckabee is coming on strong in the Republican race. I didn't think he had a chance but while Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney are all finding new ways to insert their feet into their mouths, Huckabee is appealing to the unsatisfied conservative base. He had a good debate the other night and I'm really starting to think he has a legitimate shot at this. The Dems are still neck and neck as Hillary is watching her lead evaporate.
  • If you aren't busy tomorrow afternoon, take a tour of OTR with Dan. You have no idea how amazing our city is. I'd be going but Nate and Julie are getting married then. More on that later.
  • I'm about ready to delete my Myspace account. I just can't stand looking at it anymore.
  • Tonight, a church planter I know in North Carolina will be featured in a story on NBC Nightly News. I met Tadd on the interwebs and, despite him being a North Carolina fan, have found him to be a great guy. I've already DVR'd it and you should check it out too.
  • Scott and Robyn Duebber are some of the most amazing people I know. If we were all like them, this world would be a much better place.
  • For some reason, this news article makes me laugh. Not because the guy was hunting on a golf course, but also because he's studying to be a mortician. I keep thinking that this is the kind of guy Kaelyn will bring home one day.

There. That's enough to chew on for now.