The System Sucks

College presidents are greedy. Otherwise they'd give us a Division 1A [excuse me, FBS] play-off. Instead we have the BCS and, besides those greedy presidents, no one is happy. Note yesterday's loss by Ohio State to upstart Illinois. Every analyst I've heard/read since yesterday said that the Buckeyes are now out of the championship picture, despite the fact that they are one of many one-loss teams. Honestly, that loss yesterday didn't surprise me. Ron Zook can recruit, his team played flawless football, and the Buckeyes young QB picked a bad time for his worst game. But instead of respecting that Illinois is better than "rankings" would say, we dog the Big Ten as weak compared to other BCS conferences.

So now, the way I see it, we'll get a Big 12 verses SEC championship game. Oregon could make a case, but since they lost to a now 6-4 Cal team, they'll get screwed. If West Virginia wins out [which won't happen 'cause UC will beat them Saturday] they won't be considered because the Big East is viewed as weak. All other one loss teams will be ignored if they don't play in the Southeast or the Great Plains. The Big 12 now has 3 teams ranked in the top 10. And LSU is the best team in the nation because they are the best team in the SEC? Make sense?

This is all crap because these rankings are totally subjective. Even the computer rankings are skewed as they have factored in certain strength of schedule based upon conference rankings. And no one likes to talk about the fact that the mighty SEC and Big 12 are afraid to play a strong non-conference schedule. "That's because getting through are league is brutal," they claim. Whatever. Getting through any league is brutal. Any team can win at any time, and this season has proved that.

This brings me back to Ohio State: they deserve to still be in the mix. Say what you will about league strengths but while the matched up poorly against Florida in last year's championship, they would manhandle whoever the Big 12 sends to the BCS. It's all about how a team matches up. And, unfortunately those match-ups are based on premonitions of supremacy that sports writers and coaches carry with them into the voting booth.

What this goes to show us is that one of the greatest American sports will never be THE greatest until we scrap this BCS crap and play some kind of playoff. Maybe this is the season it finally gets too ridiculous to ignore.