Nice, Vikes

I'm not sure Mike Brown is even this cheap. The Minnesota Vikings docked Troy Williamson a week's pay for attending his grandmother's funeral. The Vikings normally give three days for bereavement but Williamson needed more time as he basically had to plan the arrangements himself as one of his brothers is in a coma and his other siblings are in the armed forces. No mercy from Minnesota's management, however. So they gloss over when their players get caught on a sex-boat cruise, but are hardcore when a player loses a loved one.

Makes sense, huh?

Something that puzzles me is that NFL players get paid "game checks;" So they take the players' salaries and divide it by sixteen. So what exactly are they getting paid for? Do they only get paid for working the weekend? If so, why is it a big deal if they miss practice? That's why I find this story even more ironic: how many guys get paid when they're hurt and sitting on the sideline? Isn't that basically what happened to Williamson?

Update: Like Sally stated, the Vikings reversed their decision and paid Williamson [too little, too late?]. Williamson, in turn, donated his game check to charity in his grandmother's name.